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First project hits the market

Rânca Resort is located on the Transalpina road, at an altitude of 1600 meters, and is one of the most beloved destinations for winter sports. The picturesque natural setting also makes it an ideal spot for holidays even outside the cold season.

Explore Stunning Mountain Hikes

Transalpina is the highest road in Romania, with the highest point at Urdele Pass, at an altitude of 2,145 meters. The mountain trails surrounding Rânca Resort are picturesque and can easily captivate adventure-seeking tourists with stunning landscapes.

Be an early adopter!

- our first NFT Collection, AlphaRetreats, will include 200 unique NFTs and will be initially launched on MultiversX
- the minting cost per NFT will be set at 0.7 EGLD
- please ensure the NFT correspond to the following collection before purchasing: REWAY-bbe55c
- the sale of the Alpha Collection will contribute to raising the required funds for establishing and registering a legal entity in Romania.
- Holding an Alpha NFT guarantees a special utility that will be revealed at a later point (please consult the Whitepaper for more information)

First Constructions

To gain a more comprehensive insight into our upcoming business venture, we are planning to construct three cabins in Ranca, as well as three in Brasov. The specifics of how The NFT Tickets will provide access to one of these six retreats are outlined in great detail within our Whitepaper document. We encourage you to take your time and carefully review it!


Total NFT-Tickets Created

6 Units

2.920 - Max NFTs Used/Year

rise of funds

We plan to mint 15,000 NFT Access Tickets as part of our value exchange. Additionally, we have special airdrops and benefits in store for those who become part of our journey, whether in the early or late phases. For a deeper understanding, please review our Whitepaper!

use of funds

Genuine cabins are set to be built in the real world, and the sole means of securing a reservation for these luxury properties, as outlined in our development, will be through the utilization of our NFTs. No need to worry, the rental process will be exceptionally user-friendly, making the incorporation of blockchain technology imperceptible. The intrinsic value of each NFT (its utility) will be at your fingertips, allowing you to unwind and savor your stay.

Get in early!

More in-depth details will be disclosed soon

Asked Questions

As a Romanian-based startup with deep roots in Romania, gearing up for our inaugural construction project in the country, we are committed to harnessing the singular blockchain platform that possesses the complete array of tools required for our success. This indispensable tool we require is none other than MultiversX, and there's no room for debate on this matter!

Our initial target audience consists of individuals from Romania, as our first retreats will be situated in Transalpina. By focusing on a domestic audience, we can get a clearer picture of our occupancy rates, as targeting an international audience would have made it more difficult to gauge interest due to various reasons that may prevent people from visiting our country/resort.

This project represents our artistic tribute to NFTs often lost in the speculative fog. It's our ambition to endow these NFTs with a distinctive role within our ecosystem, a role that transcends the virtual realm and blooms into palpable value – offering genuine, immersive experiences in the material world. is the platform where you can buy and sell our Alpha NFTs. Make certain that the collection is labeled as REWAY-746bcf. This initial collection was launched to determine if our idea would generate enough excitement and interest to build a strong project in the future.

Each NFT (Access Ticket) comes with a unique function in our ecosystem, granting you the privilege of a one-night stay in our luxurious retreats. Essentially, the value of each NFT is supported by the tangible, real-world experiences it offers. Just as traditional finance translates into real-world results, we expect our NFTs to self-establish their value through the utility we aim to provide.