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Alpha NFTs Waiting To Be Discovered

In the realm of NFTs often overshadowed by speculation, we've embarked on a transformational journey. AlphaRetreats initiated this odyssey, so let's give a hearty applause to this groundbreaking NFT Collection.

Mission and Vision

Main objective

Elevating Our Vision!

Let's transcend the speculative currents of the crypto sphere and ardently promote the integration of NFTs with tangible, real-world applications.

We are building together

We are winning together

fresh opportunities

Unlocking Business Potential with NFTs!

NFTs offer the potential for business ideas to scale up, and real businesses are the sole entities capable of magnifying the authentic value of an NFT.

Tangible Value

The Key to Success!

When NFTs represent a tangible utility within a business concept, their value can appreciate over time.

Operational NFTs

Real-World Value Exchanges!

If traditional currency can provide exchange of value, then NFTs should be equally capable of achieving the same outcome.


Embracing the Blockchain Magic!

Trustless, secure, fast, and scalable - what more could we ask for?

How it works

Step 1: Establishing Terms & Conditions

We plan to build premium luxury getaways, with the revenue channeled exclusively for the community's benefit. While aiming high is admirable, it's equally important to rigorously evaluate the feasibility of the vision.

Step 2: Create a Fundraising Strategy

If the business concept stands firm even after modifications to meet the collective expectations, the next phase is to start. The act of taking action is, indeed, the most crucial aspect of any project.

Step 3: NFT Minting & Exchage of Value

Our usual practice involves enhancing the value we provide by leveraging the long-term capabilities of the business concept. Keep in mind that the utility of NFTs will be achieved at a later stage, as the business's construction phase is a process that requires time.

Step 4: Performance Monitoring

At this concluding stage, everyone is poised to engage with the business and realize its genuine worth. This phase marks the end of the construction process and the outset of adapting the business to meet market needs and the expectations of all parties.


This roadmap is a general representation of our plans and intentions and is subject to change without notice. It is not a binding agreement and should not be relied upon as such. The actual implementation of the project may differ materially from what is described in this roadmap, and there can be no assurance that we will be able to achieve any of the milestones or objectives outlined here.

Phase 01

Concept Development (Q4 2022)

Quality comes first. We have taken enough time to plan everything and build our plan step by step to create a strong project, introducing features with real utility for our NFTs. Our actions in the first phase of the project were as follows:

  • Conduct market research to understand the current state of the NFT industry and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Define the project's core values, goals, and objectives.
  • Create a blueprint for the NFT platform's structure and determine the essential characteristics and capabilities it requires.
Phase 02

Pre-Launch Preparations (Q1 2023)

The second stage involved developing a strategy to present all of our initial ideas and bringing them in an incipient form in front of potential investors interested in our concept, accomplishing the following:

  • Launching the first version of our website that highlights our unique concept of NFTs that will have tangible value.
  • Gathering details on establishing an appropriate legal infrastructure for operating the enterprise.
  • Setting up the team structure, planning the first NFTs, as well as creating the official presentation document, such as a Whitepaper.
Phase 03

Establish the Company (Q2 2023)

In the second quarter of 2023, we aim to establish and present the legal company that will represent our NFT-related real estate business. In this phase, we will need to accomplish the following:

  • Presenting the business structure, registering the business, and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, ensuring that the business complies with all laws and regulations.
  • Make arrangements for the official release of NFT tickets.
  • Launch a referral program to incentivize early adopters to bring in more users.
Phase 04

NFT Collection Launch (Late Q2 2023) Moved in Q4

At the middle of the year, we aim to launch our first NFT tickets to generate the funds necessary to begin building our first accommodation units. Objectives to achieve include:

  • Our first collection of NFT-Access Tickets makes its debut alongside the release of the first iteration of our Whitepaper (subject to changes).
  • We will initiate a marketing campaign to attract as many supporters as possible.
  • We will offer multiple benefits and airdrops to our devoted supporters to build a strong community and share our vision with them.
Phase 05

Mainstream Adoption (Q4 2023) Moved in Q2 2024

During this period, our goal is to build a strong community and successfully complete the sale of all our NFTs, in order to advance to the next level of our project:

  • Achieving a minimum of five thousand authentic supporters and integrating a group of entrepreneurs into our community on Discord.
  • Ensuring an effective integration of the community's needs into the final product of the project.
  • Starting land acquisition, finalizing construction plans, and concluding lodging unit offer negotiations will be next in line in our agenda.
Phase 06

Starting construction (Q3 2024 - Q3 2025)

In this stage, we will focus on the execution of the works, aiming to implement various ideas and solutions for the project. Goals:

  • We aim to finish construction within the established timeframe and in accordance with the project's quality standards. The construction duration is anticipated to be four to six months, subject to weather conditions.
  • Our initial booking management calendar will be launched, and we will commence its testing.
  • We will finalize all preparations for the opening of the resort and will also make the first hires for its management.

Asked Questions

During the initial stage of the project, Alpha NFTs are utilized to raise funds for establishing the business's legal framework. AlphaRetreats NFT holders will discover their NFTs' future utility, with complete details provided in the whitepaper.

The NFT Access Tickets embody the transient worth within our self-contained ecosystem, entitling you to a one-night stay at our forthcoming luxury retreat, planned for construction after the NFT Collection sale concludes.

The Legacy collection will be airdropped after the NFT-Access Ticket sale ends, signifying the commencement of the construction phase. Each location will feature its own exclusive Legacy NFT Collection. The owner of these NFTs will receive unique annual utilities, along with other benefits and gifts. These NFTs cannot be minted or purchased before the NFT-Access Ticket sale concludes. For additional information about this collection, please refer to the whitepaper.

We are firmly convinced that the foremost element any project should possess is the capacity to genuinely deliver tangible value to the community. With our unwavering vision for the future, we are certain that we can establish a thriving business by delivering all the benefits directly to the community. To explore the comprehensive benefits we intend to provide, we encourage you to read our whitepaper.

Is it possible to consider that we might be cliché, and that you've heard such ideas before, but what we bring is entirely unique. In other projects, funds have been invested in properties capable of providing a return on investment (ROI) in over 20 years. They've created their own currency which, due to the very high ROI, has already devalued.

Furthermore, we had prior involvement in a number of these projects, and none of them allowed us to make personal use of the properties because they were continuously rented out on a monthly basis to unfamiliar tenants, even though we held a 5% share of the total tokens for that specific property.

Our future rental units are purposefully designed for tourism, delivering a luxurious, high-value, and immersive real-life experience. We possess the expertise to develop and scale this venture, and we are resolute in ensuring that our NFT holders can genuinely comprehend the inherent value carried by each NFT - a direct association with the tangible value of a one-night stay in a luxury property, along with all the accompanying benefits.

First and foremost, the sale of each NFT collection will generate the funds needed to kickstart the construction of real-world rental properties. Through the utilization of NFT tickets, we can confidently affirm that we are exchanging tangible value at a future date (utility), backed by the rock-solid trust and security inherent in blockchain technology and NFTs. We have a clear plan to empower NFTs with such qualities, thus bestowing genuine value upon them.

Having an occupancy rate of over 90% indicates that our business model is successful, but the inconvenience of having to wait for a booking can be frustrating. To address this issue, we will implement a live booking calendar that displays real-time occupancy rates for each rental unit. This way, customers can bid on specific time periods, such as Christmas, and if they can afford to pay more than others, they will have the opportunity to secure their desired rental. We aim to provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their financial situation, by offering a range of rental options to suit different budgets.

The live booking calendar will be an online tool that displays the real-time availability and occupancy rates of each rental unit. It will be accessible through our website or mobile app, and customers can easily view the calendar to check availability for the dates they are interested in booking.

The calendar will be updated in real-time, so customers will be able to see the most current availability and occupancy rates. This will help them make informed decisions about when to book their stay. The bidding process will be straightforward and transparent, and customers will be able to see the current highest bid for the time period they are interested in. If they choose to bid, they can place their offer, and if no one outbids them, they will be able to book the rental unit for the desired dates.

In the event that our occupancy rates fall below 80%, we will implement strategies to increase demand for our properties. This may involve offering special discounts and promotions to enhance the overall experience. However, we hope that this will not be necessary, as our marketing strategy is designed to attract three times more clients than we can actually accommodate. We trust that our community will do it's job and continue to support us by referring to others, as they will have every reason to do so.